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Hoi Van Hot Spring, Binh Dinh

The reason why the stream is called Hoi Van is due to the moisture from the stream rising up, condensing on the bushes forming the clouds. People walking along the stream look like walking on a ladder of clouds, so the stream is called Hoi Van “cloud”. With the hot water jetting up, the smoke blows like a hot boiling pan, Hoi Van hot spring gradually becomes the favorite destination of both domestic and foreign tourists. This is one of the four sources of hot water to be exploited for treatment in our country. Speaking of Hoi Van, people of this land always remind of a legend.

Hoi Van hot spring
Hoi Van hot spring

Hoi Van hot spring is one of the seven most famous hot springs in Vietnam. Hoi Van stream belongs to Cat Hiep commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province, about 50km northwest of Quy Nhon city. The water flows into a small pond of about 400m², 1m deep, from which hot water is sprayed, the temperature is about 70 °C – 80 °C and is sterile, containing about 20 minerals. The bottom of the lake is interlaced rock. The lake lies in the midst of an immense sand valley, surrounded by mountains.

According to a historical document, “in Dong Da Ward, Phu Ly District, Quy Nhon Quy Nhon in the year of King Minh Menh 13 (ie in 1832, Phu Ly district was divided into two districts of Phu My and Phu Cat) there was a round pond. The pond had boiling water and is clear to the bottom, the water was so hot that no one could come close to the pond. Normally, the smoke rose, and it rose up more powerfully. If buffalos, cows or goats fell down, they were boiled. There was also fish living in the lagoon. Shrimp and crabs are all red. ”

Hoi Van hot spring
Hoi Van hot spring

Legend has it that, this stream was given to a princess of the Cham royal family for treatment by the God, so this spring is also called Tien (Fairy) stream. There is a convalescent clinic built in 1976 with traditional healing therapies that are highly appreciated by visitors such as soaking, showering, hot air spraying at 38ºC to cure skin, Cardiovascular and gastrointestinal illnesses.

In the distance to the Northeast, it is the majestic Ba mountain, in the coldest days, especially in the early morning, the steam rises up, condenses and forms clouds of smoke that make the scene become fanciful. When it’s hot, the fog melts and gives the water a clear space, which visitors can see through the bottom with streams spraying just like the dragons playing in the water.

Around the mouth of the lake, there is smooth white sand strip forming an ideal sunbathing area. Not only is Hoi Van a scenic spot where visitors can admire, enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoy the entertainment, it is also famous and attracts visitors from all regions with natural mineral water resource which can heal many different diseases.

Hoi Van hot spring
Hoi Van hot spring

In addition, visitors can enjoy boiled eggs or chicken steamed inside sand in the boiling water area of 70-80ºC and then dropping down to the warm waters to enjoy the feeling of pleasure spreading throughout the body or sitting and waiting for the sunset to see from open water circuits (scattered on a stretch of about 1 km long), the steam rises and flies to the air.

Coming to Hoi Van, visitors will witness the fantasy scene as in the realm. The smoke rises from the hot water flow into the stream, condense into clouds hovering not far from the ground. With beautiful natural landscapes and endless natural hot spring water, Hoi Van will be increasingly attractive to more visitors to visit and heal the diseases. If you come to Binh Dinh once, you should visit Hoi Van hot spring to discover the beauty and enjoy the masterpiece of nature of this land.

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